Poetry Teatime: Papaya

Poetry Teatime

We had papaya at teatime this week to tie in with our current Arrow study of Inside Out and Back Again.

One of the things I appreciate most about our Brave Writer lifestyle is having a framework for our other studies. It is easy to call everyone to the table for teatime – they love the food and poetry reading and now that we’ve gathered here, extending the time a little longer with candles and copywork does not take a lot more effort.

Likewise, on Mondays. we have popcorn for lunch while watching our weekly movie. This helps us get rolling with our other work Monday mornings so that we’re finished those things by noon.

Poetry Teatime

Having a daily highlight (movie, teatime, board game, nature hike) means I always have a good answer to the “What are we doing tomorrow?” question and creates momentum to keep going with our other tasks.

Thanks Julie for enriching not only our homeschool but our daily lives as we enjoy being together.

Krista and the kiddlings

Poetry Teatime Launch!

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