Wednesday Movie: Gifted Hands

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Tonight we watched the movie, Gifted Hands: The Ben Carson Story, with our girls. What an inspirational story of faith, determination, and courage! Not to mention, it was just a good family friendly movie.

Our girls were a little dejected when we decided to watch this instead of something with more comedic value. The funny thing about it all though is that my youngest daughter was trying to work out the timeline taking place in the movie. It started out in 1987 but flashed back to his life story beginning when he was about ten (1961). Then towards the end it picked back up where it left off in the beginning. I was trying to explain that and I said, “Eureka!” It was just like you had discussed a few days prior in one of your daily emails. I had forwarded that particular email to her and her sister.

Start with the end in mind.

The most dramatic story-telling starts with the ending, or near the ending. The story recreates the events leading to the ending, illuminating it as they do. Try it!

She immediately understood and I believe more clearly understood the story line then. I would like to suggest this movie as a “must see.” I’m attaching a picture of us watching it. Thanks for all you do to educate, encourage, and inspire us homeschoolers. May God bless you and yours!


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