Brave Writer spotlight: Brett Greer

What grown-ups should doFrom Brave Writer mom, Lorie:

My family is originally from the U.S. but currently live in West Bengal, India. My son [Brett, age 10] and I are really enjoying September’s Arrow book selection, “Inside Out and Back Again.” Living in Asia really brings it to life, since many of the customs and ideas are similar where we live. I don’t think I would have picked the book out if I had seen it on the library shelf, because I would have incorrectly assumed my son wouldn’t have enjoyed the poetic form. I’m so grateful you selected it; we really would have missed out on a great book. I should probably include that my son read the rest of “The Lemonade War” series after reading the first one last month, and I passed the titles on to my sister who is a 4th and 5th grade teacher.

You invited subscriber’s to share, so here is the free-verse poem my son worked on today. Enjoy!

The Slide

by Brett Greer

One time,
I was playing with a kid.

We were racing
down a slide.

I didn’t want to slide anymore.

I went down,
and the kid
pushed me
at the bottom.

I fell
some sticks.

It hurt my back.

I was

That was
not necessary.

His dad was
there too,
and he got
in big

I smiled.

2 Responses to “Brave Writer spotlight: Brett Greer”

  1. Angie says:

    I felt the same way about “Inside Out and Back Again,” but my daughter LOVED the book also.

  2. Erica says:

    Thanks, Brett! Good job. My 10 year old son wants to share your poem during our next poetry tea time. 🙂 We just printed it out.