Poetry Teatime: The Tea Drinking Brothers

Poetry Teatime

[Here are some] photos of our Tuesday Teatime, as well as the poem an English friend of mine wrote and brought along with her when she was our guest…

The Tea Drinking Brothers
by Angela Burr

I went to see two boys one day
They were drinking tea the English way.
Pinkies pointing straight and high
Almost reaching to the sky.

Cups and saucers, fine bone china
Nothing ever tasted finer.
“Isn’t it splendid?” one said to the other.
“Totally spiffing,” he replied to his brother.

“Look at the packet. Have you seen?
The tea is approved by her majesty, the Queen.”
“Would you like a slice of cake?
I’ll put it gently on your plate.”

“What about a scone or two?”
“Butter, jam, clotted cream for you.”
“I think I’ll just stick with my cuppa . . .
I’ll have the goodies for my supper.”

“Let’s finish and read the leaves together.”
“It says we’ll be brothers for ever and ever.”
“Spencer,” said Findlay, “I love a brew.”
“Yes,” said Spencer. “I love you too.”

I have two boys, so I wasn’t sure how it would go over, but they have really enjoyed it.


Poetry Teatime

3 Responses to “Poetry Teatime: The Tea Drinking Brothers”

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  2. Aimee says:

    I LOVE it! What a great idea and a wonderful poem. You guys are so creative.

  3. Grammy says:

    My family is so very special! I love my tea drinking Grandsons!