Pamper yourself

Reading aloud
It’s easy to list the things typically suggested for pampering:

  • a glass of wine
  • bar of chocolate
  • a massage
  • a manicure and pedicure
  • a new hair style

Here’s my alternative list:

Think a new thought

Consider an idea that tugs at you when you’re alone, and allow it room to expand. Let it become a fantasy and live into it a bit today. You don’t have to overhaul everything in light of it. Just let your mind play with the idea, like a toy.

Indulge the artist within

Doodle, paint, use colored markers in your journal, snap photos, draw on your windows, arrange a few flowers in a vase, pin magazine cut outs on a bulletin board, scroll through Pinterest. Add color and images to your day.

Read whatever you want

The news, sports, a poem, People magazine,, that big novel you started and put down due to busy-ness, the racy romance, a “how to” manual, Real Simple, your spiritual devotional… you pick.

Love what’s in the mirror

Today you are younger than you’ll ever be again. As Nora Ephron says, “Gaze lovingly at your neck.” Notice your blue eyes, your happy smile, your goddess-like curves, your spray of freckles, the way your teeth line up. You’re gorgeous. Say so.

Spoil your nose

Wear a fragrance. Light a vanilla candle. Deeply inhale the lavender you crush in your hands. Breathe in the scent of a bunch of fresh mint. Dab oil of essence, such as lemon, on your wrists. Aromas change your mood!

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2 Responses to “Pamper yourself”

  1. Shannon C says:

    Thanks for the permission to read TMZ. So funny that you wrote that–I sometimes sneak on there. I love your ideas for a different kind of pampering.

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