Plan a “Back to Summer” party!

Back to Summer Party

You know how we often hear about “back to school” sales events, or themes? As homeschoolers, learning is far more seamless than the traditional brick and mortar style educations of school. Sometimes you don’t even have an official start and stop date.

Summer, however, is especially welcome with its relaxed schedules, a hospitable outdoors (at least in most places), and new energy for activity.

Use this momentum in your homeschool now. Here’s how.

Plan a party!

Make a guest list (family may be enough, if you have lots of kids, but you can also include a friend for each one, or you can host another family or two).

Pick a date and time. (My bias: daytime is great to take advantage of the wonderful blue skies and sunshine.)

Summer Theme (pick and choose)

  • Blow up beach balls (can work as party favors!)
  • Small wading pool (even if you have older kids – good for splashing and reloading water guns and water balloons)
  • Croquet set (to play!)
  • Badminton net, birdies, and racquets
  • Beach towels to sit on
  • Cheap sunglasses hanging from tree limbs
  • Pails and shovels can hold party favors
  • Nail Polish for pedicures
  • Balloons for water balloon fights (get the right kind – they are their own type of balloon)
  • Nerf Water Guns (ask guests to bring their own, but also supply a few in addition to your family just in case)
  • Everyone wears water-worthy clothing (bathing suits or t-shirts and shorts)
  • A Sprinkler


A free-for-all water fight is always awesome (save til last). Kids can use water guns, balloons, scoopers like measuring cups or big pitchers.

Filling a bucket with water by racing across a preset length of yard, using a teaspoon to carry the water. The most water at the end of the predetermined time limit wins. (Do this in teams, line up and race.

The traditional Water Balloon Toss is always fun! Pair the kids, have them face each other, and on the count of 3—toss the water balloon to the other person. Step back a pace, toss again, on cue. Keep going until one pair is left without a broken balloon.

Water Limbo: A parent holds a hose with a long powerful stream and kids make their way under it without getting wet. The stream of water is lowered each round. You’re out if you get wet. Last one dry, wins!

Non-water games

Not all the games have to be water related. Use the croquet and badminton sets, provide magnifying glasses to hunt through the yard looking at bugs, bring a huge bunch of flowers from the store or your yard and provide tiny vases. Suggest kids trim the stems and make little floral arrangements to decorate the yard. Other ideas:

  • Water colors and paper with an easel
  • Sidewalk chalk
  • Face-painting station with designs
  • Basket of dress up clothes
  • Popsicle-finishing race
  • Music to dance to
  • Fizzy drinks with little umbrellas in them

Preparing a party is a great summer activity. You’ve got hospitality, handwriting, counting, planning, keeping to a budget, shopping, setting up, execution, and clean-up. These are wonderful skills to teach your kids and to experience together. Plus, really fun.

Party School!

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