Poetry Teatime: Jamberry

Poetry Teatime

Zach (7) enjoys Tea Time Tuesdays. I am not sure if he enjoys the food or the poems better. We are very low key, the only requirements are the food (including a beverage that is almost never tea!) and the poems. Jamberry by Bruce Degen is a favorite along with tongue twisters, How much wood can a woodchuck chuck…

I saw a Facebook post on baby mugging and thought it would be a perfect Tea Time photo along with one of our favorite Tea Time books. Who wouldn’t want a big ‘ol mug of cute kid?


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2 Responses to “Poetry Teatime: Jamberry”

  1. Julie Bogart says:

    I just love this photo so much! Zach is adorable and the photo concept fantastic. 🙂 Thanks For sharing Sara.

  2. Wanda Deal says:

    Awesomely creative!!