Friday Freewrite: Animals

two Ferrets kits (10 weeks)
If your dog could talk or your cat could cook or your pet gerbil could calculate, what would they say/do? Use personification (giving human traits to animals or inanimate objects) to make your pet more human-like.

2 Responses to “Friday Freewrite: Animals”

  1. Sharon says:

    You may remember me – I wrote to you last year about my son and his struggles with writing. We backed off on pretty much any writing and started having talking time on a big blanket.

    We have had a few Friday Freewrite days – most of the time my son would complain he had nothing to say, or stick to writing three letter words that he could spell without a problem. The stories were generally about a dog or cat getting mad hitting something. There might be a rat or a man involved.

    Today my son actually wrote a paragraph about his success unlocking several levels playing Mario Kart. It was nicely riddled with miss-spelled words like Favorite spelled Favrte I was ecstatic because he put his thoughts down on page without saying he hated it or complaining at all. He wrote about a topic that was in his head and he got it down on the page using words that were longer than three letters and I am very happy. It has taken him a year to get to the point where he could write this knowing he would spell wrong but still writing it. Can I say again I am very happy. Friday, Freewrite Day, Yeah!

  2. Julie Bogart says:

    This is such a fabulous report! Thank you for sharing about your son. I’m sure it will encourage other moms out there. (I also love the avatar with your name—that’s my favorite painting from childhood.)