Poetry Teatime in Manly Australia and a Poem!

Send me photos! I love to share them from around the world. The first few are from Australia, and the last is a photo of a creative poem written by Heather’s daughter.
Dear Julie,
We live in Manly, Australia. We’re lucky to have an apartment near the harbour.
I’m feeling very positive about the Brave Writer ‘lifestyle’ and the boys certainly responded well to their first taste.
Sam Nimmo

Poetry Teatime

Poetry Teatime

Poetry Teatime


Hi Julie!

I am so excited to have found Brave Writer!  I feel encouraged and empowered to write with my kids 11 & 9 and scaffold them with your help.  Teatime is on my radar for this week along with Free Write.
I have figured out the “basics” and took an opportunity to write a found word poem using newspaper clippings with my 9 year old.
Thanks for your encouragement!

Clever, right? Play with words—good for your kids and good for you too!

2 Responses to “Poetry Teatime in Manly Australia and a Poem!”

  1. Becky Parker says:

    Super photos… what happy faces! Makes me miss having younger ones. And the found word poem is so expressive! What great alliteration! “Making misery” sounds like what it says… I’ve always thought that “misery” sounds miserable, if you get my drift. I love, too, how the poem turns on the words “break to.” Thanks for sharing these, Julie (and Nimmo family and Heather).

  2. Marcy says:

    Exactly, Becky! As soon as I saw the pictures they took me back to earlier years with my two — delightful times.

    Heather thanks for taking time to share! So much fun.