Tuesday Teatime!


Time for tea. Get out those poetry books.

Here’s what a few of our moms are saying about poetry teatimes:

I am currently reading ‘The Writer’s Jungle’ and introducing some Bravewriter Lifestyle elements into our day.

We had tea-time today and I was so impressed. I told the kids we would be doing some copywork as well but that they could choose their own. So we had and tea/chocolate, cakes and biscuits. I read some poetry and dd16 read a poem. Then, everybody started working on their own choice copywork. My kids are 16, 15, 13, 11, 9 and 7 and they were ALL engaged in what they were doing. We had a variety of copywork from Pride and Prejudice, and Jane Eyre, down to Green Eggs and Ham. Ds 7, who was writing from Green Eggs and Ham, kept asking for more paper so he could write more. Dd9 went back to her copywork twice more during the day because she wanted to. Dd13, who doesn’t ‘like’ writing was happy to write one of her favorite scenes from Farmer Boy. Even dd15, who I thought would be the one most likely to dislike the copywork idea, wrote over a page copied from a scene that amused her from Pride and Prejudice. We had such a good time and I felt that we really achieved something (as did they, considering I excused them from grammar for the day…..).

I have to say that reading TWJ is revolutionising the way I am approaching writing and language arts in general. I’ve finally found something that I feel will help my children develop the ability to enjoy writing and to ‘write from the heart’ and have a voice, not just write stilted pieces that follow a set of rules that some book or program sets out. I don’t know if I’m making sense, but *I* know what I mean I’m really excited. (Linda in Oz)

Tea, check. Oreos, check. Poetry books, check. Loving it, check. (Janet)

Dear Julie-  I just want to say thank you.  We are entering our 12th year of homeschooling, and I’m tired!  I have a senior,  a kindergartener and everything in between this year.  And I am truly looking forward to our Teatime Tuesdays!  It may be the ONLY thing that gets done regularly  and I’m ok with that…my kids are turning out just fine.  And by the way I had to tell you that  my son BJ who has taken several BW courses scored amazingly well (98%)on his written/language admissions exam for our local JC.  This is the same boy who only 3 years ago could not  spell “girl”.  I had faith in the BW philosophy even when he didn’t.   THANK YOU!! (Laura)

Just wanted to say thank you for being a part of our world! Although we are only a month into our school year, the boys (ages 8 & 6) look forward to tea every Tuesday! Who would have thought the would enjoy poetry so much? This is what home schooling is all about! (Michelle)

Join the movement! Time for tea and poetry!

When your kids are happy, they write. When your kids write, you’re happy.

Win. Win.

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