Welcome to Brave Writer!

Home from the second of four conventions, and exhausted! I want to say welcome to all the new members of the Brave Writer family. I hope you’re sipping tea (possibly sneaking a brownie) and clicking through the website to help you orient yourself to a shift in lifestyle.

I’m up to my earlobes in tasks post-convention. Today’s a work day for me. I hope you and your family, conversely, will take a little time to reorient how you spend this week. If it’s sunny where you are, get outside! Take a nature walk and come home to your read aloud time. If it’s still chilly in your part of the country, light a fire and snuggle under blankets while you read. Wherever you are, I hope you’ll look at least one child in the eye and listen intently to what she has to say. Today is a new day! Enjoy your kids!

2 Responses to “Welcome to Brave Writer!”

  1. Laura says:


    I grabbed a pen and started writing down a story today for my son. He went on forever and crafted an amazing tale. Thanks for all the encouragement at the conference in Greenville. You really helped my perspective.

    Best of spring to you,

  2. Julie Bogart says:

    I love hearing that! Those are my favorite stories—when you catch your child in the act of thinking. Good for you applying what you learned right away.

    Happy spring backatcha!