Friday Freewrite: Best buds!

How would you feel if someone told you that you were his or her best friend?

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  1. Laura says:

    Julie- We’ve been living the Bravewriter lifestyle (well…at least trying very hard to do so) for about 3 years now. Friday Freewrites have never been my daughters’ favorite; they much prefer Tuesday Teatime! However, today was very different. I chose to use a past Freewrite rather than today’s prompt. I pulled out the globe and had each girl choose a location in turn. Both girls groaned as they did this. I am not sure what they thought they were going to do. Neither of them wanted the location on which their fingers landed, but I insisted. However, as I read the instructions they both became very animated and jumped right in. And both of them even wanted to read their Freewrites to me! That was a first. I wanted to share what they wrote. I set the timer for 7 minutes and here is what they wrote:
    (I’ve typed exactly what they wrote with the exception of the name of the island lake in Bethany’s piece…she verbally added in that parenthetical info)

    by Bailey, age 14
    When I went to Peru, all I saw were small brown bears wearing duffle coats & eating marmalade sandwiches. One said he came from Darkest Peru (the part i was going to). He said he didn’t have a name but would after he met Mr. & Mrs. Brown of 32 Windsor Gardens London England. He asked me to give a letter to his aunt Lucy who was in a home for retired bears in Lima. I did and was stuck talking to her for more than an hour (she didn’t get many visitors). Then she asked me where I was from & how I had met her nephew, who she called pequena, meaning small or tiny. I don’t see why he was called that as he was no different in size than all of the other full grown bears I met. It was all very peculiar. Then this rude man calling himself Mr. Curry burst in upon the scene yelling “Where are you, bear?”

    Bermuda Islands
    by Bethany, age 12

    A vast snow covered tundra with rare carmelitas a snow black (the snow is black) tigger/hippo it looks like a fur covered purple hippo with tigger stips in bright pink and that is only one island another island is the island of karakota is a vast desert with wide and very deep cravasis where the rare limagoo an animal that is half llama and half kangaroo it is carnivorous so watch out! Then on the lake Island of_____ (whatever the latin name for lake is) where dwells the deadly half dolphin half eagle it is the head of a dolphin with the body and wings of an eagle then on the terrifying Island of Kuwaita the deadly jungle dwellers live they hunt the Ikori a bird with the head of a shark body of a lion and wings of a cormorant.

    I’ve never seen my girls so happy to write anything ever, except maybe their Christmas lists! Thank you Bravewriter for helping make our cold, rainy, grey Friday afternoon quite entertaining!

    Laura B.

  2. Julie Bogart says:

    I love these! Thank you so much for sharing with us here.