Email: Teatimes all the time

This has to be my favorite email question ever:

Dear Julie and Bravewriter Staff,

Is is okay to do tea time and poetry every day? I was just wondering….

Julie Patrick

Yes. 😀

Long Answer:
My kids and I did teatimes daily for a long time. Most of them included poetry. We’ve gone through periods where we do them once-a-month too. Really, focus on your own intuitive sense of what creates joy, peace and learning. If teatime and poetry centers your family and leads to a productive morning, why not do them daily!? Don’t overdo them, though. If the enthusiasm wanes, time to try something else.

Tea is the standard way we unwind in my house, so we’ve had math teatimes, history teatimes, celebratory teatimes and wind-down-from-stress teatimes too. ENJOY!

4 Responses to “Email: Teatimes all the time”

  1. Cindy K. says:

    What do you do with kids who don’t like tea? I have a son who wouldn’t drink tea, hot or iced, if you made him! What do you all do for those kids to still make it a special event?

  2. Julie Bogart says:

    Oh the drinks don’t matter at all! I’ve heard from families who always drink Koolaid or lemonade. I know moms who make coffee for themselves and hot chocolate for the kids. You can even put any of those liquids in a teapot! The point is to pause, drink something soothing, and to indulge in poetry for the sheer pleasure of it. Inject some pleasurable joy into your day. 🙂

  3. Kay says:

    I feel the other key ingredient and why Tea Time is successful is…..”Moms are listening”. Listen and feeling what your kids are reading, writing and expressing.
    Doesn’t get any better than that!
    My strength has developed in my ability “to listen”

  4. Lori D. says:

    I think the other key is choice – the KIDS get to choose what to drink, the KIDS get to choose what treats we are going to have, the KIDS get to choose what they want to share to read and/or write, and/or discuss and/or enjoy – it gives me a chance to give my kids their choices instead of me choosing for them more often than i want to admit. I do love the idea of math teatime and/or history teatime – we’ve done that before too – but i think we need to do THAT again! Thanks for the inspiration!