Tuesday Teatime: On the Go!

Teatime to Go!

Teatime at home is fun, but Teatime to go is totally terrific!

My daughter and I have been enjoying our Tuesday Teatimes each week since last June when we became a Bravewriter family. It was one of the very first ideas from The Writer’s Jungle that I instituted; being the clever mom of a girl who loves an ‘event’ I knew it would be the one idea that my daughter would totally hop on board for, and did she ever! But now that Fall is here our schedule has gotten increasingly more hectic and, try as we might to remain diligent in our teatime goals, we found it being pushed aside for other activities.

One of those other activities is ice skating. Twice a week we find ourselves at the local ice rink with another homeschooling family where our daughters take skating lessons.  As homeschoolers we usually have the rink’s cafeteria all to ourselves during the day so we tend to pack food and snacks to nourish our active skaters who are famished when they finish practicing. One day, eager to squeeze in our beloved teatime I had a brainstorm, I invited the other family to join us in a Teatime to Go…at the rink’s cafeteria. (It just so happens on this particular day of the week that we all have about an hour and a half to kill before heading off to the local art museum for art class.)

There we sat, munching freshly baked cookies, sipping tea and cocoa and sharing poetry with one another. It wasn’t formal china, there were no flowers or fancy linens, but there was plenty of poetry and companionship.

3 Responses to “Tuesday Teatime: On the Go!”

  1. Kika says:

    Sounds like great fun!

  2. Kelly says:

    Loved your tea time story. How lovely. Isn’t bravewriter just the greatest??????

  3. Kelly says:

    P.S. Awesome picture!