Black Friday Rebate Coupon

Here are the details for the Black Friday Rebate Coupon. Understand this: for the 24 hours that are called Friday, November 27, we are offering you a chance to get a rebate on any Brave Writer product order.You place the order, send me the code and I rebate the appropriate amount to your Paypal account.

Here are the details:

Brave Writer Black Friday Rebate Coupon

Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful for YOU, our Brave Writer families who work so hard to raise children who bravely share their insights and ideas with the world through powerful, connected writing.

As we gear up for 2010 (Brave Writer turns 10 in January!), please use this Black Friday Rebate Coupon to stock up on all your BW needs for the coming year. You don’t have to leave your house for this shopping trip. Simply boot up the computer and click. Add in a mug of hot cider and you’ll be ready for the most relaxing shopping you’ll do all season.

Here’s how it works:

Black Friday shopping for Brave Writer starts at midnight, November 27 (that means late Thursday night after you eat turkey) and ends midnight November 28 (Friday night). We’re in the eastern time zone so make the adjustment for your time zone.

The Black Friday Rebate Coupon is good for any Brave Writer product. That means you can use it for The Writer’s Jungle, or Help for High School, or any of The Writer’s Jungle packages; the Gold package which includes the Arrow and Slingshot Evaluation and Planning Tools, or the Platinum package which includes year-long Language Arts Subscriptions (Arrow and Boomerang). You can apply the coupon to Already Published isses of the Arrow, Boomerang or Slingshot. You can use it for any of the writing aids: Fairy Tales, Poetry, Myths and Legends, and so on. You may even apply this coupon to a semester order of the Boomerang Complete (whose price will go up in January). If you purchase the semester now, you lock in the current price.

For a limited time (until January) we’re offering The Writer’s Jungle and Help for High School together for $124.99 in a package we call the BW Home Study Package. Don’t miss this chance to get them for the lowest price possible.

The coupon is not applicable to online classes (registration for those is on Tuesday, December 1, 2009).

The coupon has two possible rebate amounts.

Spend $120.00 or more – $25.00 rebate.

Spend $200.00 or more – $50.00 rebate.

Simply place your order and put the following code on your Paypal order (if a note option is provided) or send it to me in an email: If you send the code in an email, please include the name and email address of your Paypal order.

The code is: BLKFRIBW09

The coupon only works with online orders. We will not accept the coupon for check orders. If you have difficulties with Paypal, contact Julie at:

You may share the Black Friday Rebate Coupon code on homeschooling forums, email lists and with your friends. When a friend uses it, we’ll add her to our email list in order to activate the code. If you share the code with a friend who makes a purchase, send me an email with her name and order and we’ll send you a FREE issue of the Arrow or Boomerang as a thank you.

Black Friday orders are not refundable so be sure you know what you want when you make your order.


P.S. Check out the new class schedule. Registration opens Tuesday, December 1, 2009 at noon EST

Use the Black Friday Rebate Coupon to order Brave Writer Products on Friday, November 27 for $25.00 or $50.00 off of your total purchase! See inside of this email for details.

2 Responses to “Black Friday Rebate Coupon”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yippee and thank you Julie! Your November sale is a great opportunity to fill a couple holes or stock up for a rainy day. You mentioned the possibility of new items coming out this week; just wondering if they are coming down the pipeline or if I missed them.
    Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone

  2. Julie Bogart says:

    Sure hope so! I’m working like crazy to get at least one of them done. I have a target to complete a whole slew of stuff by January 1 and our 10 year anniversary, so look for that too. I’m sure there will be some kind of celebratory incentive then as well. 🙂