It’s the Little Things…

A reminder to do the little things that make for pleasantness in your home:

Have you….

    hugged your kids?
    surprised someone with a treat?
    tickled someone?
    made a joke?
    pointed out beauty to someone else?
    stopped to listen to laughter?
    looked out the window and saw, really saw, a bird?
    had an unhurried cup of tea?
    been thankful for good health?
    read something worth reading?
    jumped up and down to get your heart pumping?
    put on lipstick?
    read a poem?
    looked into your child’s eyes while she was telling you something?
    ate tasty food?
    gone for a walk?
    asked for a hug?
    admired a child’s good attitude?
    forgave yourself?
    wrote a few sentences?
    cleared the coffee table and put out something new to read or look at?
    lit a candle, put a flower in a vase, arranged the fruit in a bowl?
    inhaled deeply, exhaled slowly?

Hope so. Do any one of these and let your day unfold.

It’s the little things….

3 Responses to “It’s the Little Things…”

  1. Tara Melton says:

    Julie –

    Last week I invited a good friend over for lunch to celebrate her birthday. I made some veggie wraps on homemade tortillas. (Okay….they really were delish!) She greatly enjoyed them and then reiterated to me the next time I saw her how much she enjoyed the time, and that I had truly spoken her love language in cooking for her. It wasn’t fancy…her son and my kiddos were playing, rather loudly, in the next room…but just taking a few minutes to savor the food and to chat was lovely. The Spirit often tugs at me to be intentional even in – or maybe ESPECIALLY in – the small things. That’s where we live out most of life. In the small things. Thanks for the reminder.


  2. Marcy says:


    Thank you for putting into words the reminder to pause and be mindful of the little things.

  3. Lori says:

    Thanks, Julie for a perfectly timed reminder of the important things in my day.