Tuesday Teatime: The Smiths

We had quite a crowd over that day. My niece’s children joined us as well as a close friend’s two children. Because of the span of ages, we read from a poetry book that we haven’t enjoyed for awhile: Mice are Rather Nice (Selected by Vardine Moore) My two girls and I have consistently read from poetry books at the same time as our read-alouds. I always recommend to those new to poetry to find the poetry section in the juvenile section of the library – 821 – and just browse through the books to choose those that catch your eye. We definitely started with funny poems with good illustrations. One year we made our way through The Golden Treasury of Poetry (Selected by Louis Untermeyer, Illustrated by Joan Walsh Anglund). Now my oldest daughter is enjoying the poetry in Shakespeare’s plays. She also recommends The Book of Fairy Poetry (Selected and illustrated by Michael Hague). I never read much poetry growing up except the bit required at school, so I’ve learned to enjoy it along with my daughters.

Elizabeth Smith

11 Responses to “Tuesday Teatime: The Smiths”

  1. Kika says:

    We’ve recently begun our own “Tuesday Tea Time” every second Tuesday. At this time I am reading our current read-aloud novel during Tea Time but plan on incorporating poetry in the next school year. Thanks for the inspiration – oh, and the excuse to enjoy yummy treats:)

  2. Marinela says:

    Tea time can be fun somtimes 🙂

  3. Marilyn Karoly says:

    I recognised all of the children but the names of the brother and sister of your friends escape me. The gg’s are sure growing up in a hurry! Thanks for the picture. Mom

  4. I thought those “niece’s children” children looked familiar! They’re my granchildren.

  5. Bonnie says:

    Oh woe is me, the Smith family has joined the tekkies! 😛 Great blog.

  6. Karen K. says:

    Sure would like one of those cookies!

  7. Claire says:

    I’ve attached my blog (please note that all language may not be child friendly, but it is clean for the most part). Yay blogging!

  8. shirin Schneider says:

    Just love it Elizabeth! What a great idea I can start right now with my daughter. So simple. Poetry and Tea, Mommy and Me…Thanks!

  9. Elizabeth says:

    The idea of tea AND poetry together comes from Julie, the owner of this blog! We enjoyed these activities separately but didn’t put them together until after encountering Brave Writer.

  10. Dave K says:

    I could have a blog, it would be called, “Poison Oak and You, the itch that keeps on giving”.

  11. Dave K says:

    that’s because I’m covered in it right now 🙂