Tuesday Teatime: Boys’ Day in Japan


May 5 is Boys’ Day in Japan. Since I discovered Boys’ Day, we celebrate it every year, though not in the traditional fashion of the Japanese. However, we did celebrate all day! We began the day with boy-made chocolate-chip pancakes. Following breakfast, we went to our local gymnastics room, and played Nerf-dart tag for an hour.

Our tea-party day included gunpowder tea, which initially is in the form of little pellets. They “explode” in the water, creating a mild tea. This is one tea we don’t make in a teapot, because it is too much fun to watch the action! Though it is not dramatic, it is science!

Each of the boys chose a piece of art to discuss, and at least one poem to read. Among other boy-themed poems, I read The Barefoot Boy, by John Greenleaf Whittier.

Dinner included sweet-and-sour turkey on rice. At least it was a hint of Asian cuisine! 🙂


3 Responses to “Tuesday Teatime: Boys’ Day in Japan”

  1. Paula says:

    What a FUN day. My three boys would love it.

  2. Oneida says:

    I sounds like you all had a wonderful day. I will have to remember that for next year.

  3. Lori D. says:

    Awesome! I have never heard of gunpowder tea – I will have to watch for it. And what a great idea – nerf guns at the gym club! Love it!