Tuesday Teatime: The Brown Family

Hi Julie-

Here’s some pictures of our Tuesday teatimes. As I wrote to you recently, we read poetry constantly—anywhere, anytime. Jack Prelutsky is definitely one of our favs! We first encountered his poems through a book cd from the library. Such a joy to hear him read his own work. Very funny!

What can I say about Tuesday teatimes at our house? Well, it takes a lot of effort to clean off the table first of all. This is definitely our base camp for everything we do at our house—homeschooling or otherwise, so keeping it cleared off is a supreme challenge. However, we manage to do it.

In the enclosed pictures we did clean off the table and had a lovely pot of tea and cookies each time. The candles that are burning are rolled beeswax candles that we made together as a ‘small business project’ we took on in December for Sam to make some extra money. (I’ve included some pics of our business venture for you to see as well.)

So every Tuesday we read poetry for sure, it’s just a matter of where it happens!

Many warm regards,

Sam and Kelly

P.S. Are you familiar with Barefoot books? They are some of the most incredible books I’ve ever seen. If you are not familiar just go to barefootbooks.com. The women who started the company are lovely and their mission is beautiful. The stories are magnificent and the illustrations are exquisite.

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  1. Paula says:

    Thanks for sharing your tea time! I love to get little glimpses into other peoples lives.