Friday Freewrite: Yummy Food

Name the food item you love to eat whenever you get a chance. Now tell me all about it.

2 Responses to “Friday Freewrite: Yummy Food”

  1. alecat says:

    We’re living a bit of a frugal lifestyle here at the moment. It’s meant cutting back of lots of ‘favourites’, especially blocks of chocolate, shop bought biscuits and icecream. There have been numerous comments, or interjections, about how the lack of these things just “Isn’t fair!”, however we’re surviving really well.

    Personally, I’m quite content because I still have my flour, yeast, olive oil and salt, so I’ll never go without my favourite daily supply of bread. Hot bread, straight from the oven. It smells divine, but tastes better. We always have an adequate variety of toppings available, but I’m now experimenting with recipes for more variation. Today we made pizza rolls. We have also made banana bread, raisin bread, cinnamon scrolls, herb rolls and pizza bases.

    My husband was watching me with a smirk as I was putting today’s batch in the oven. “You really like making bread, don’t you?” My answer was a most practical one (as I’m want to be a MOST practical person!), “Well it feeds us all well and isn’t expensive.” Ah, but that wasn’t his point.

    Yes, I DO like making bread. I enjoy measuring out the grain and watching it go through the mill. Watching the yeast work to make the dough rise has been a fascination since childhood, and I share this enthusiasm with my children now. The texture as I kneed it into shape and the fun my children have sharing this job.

    So, upon reflection, maybe the fact that bread is a favourite food isn’t purely because of taste. It’s a collection of many memories, curiosities and the fact it represents something we share as a family.

  2. Julie Bogart says:

    Nice! This was so enjoyable to read.