My Kingdom for an Egg!

Repost from previous year. Thought you’d enjoy a fun way to make egg dying a linguistic game. 🙂

Every year our family dyes eggs together and we use the little clear crayon supplied by Paas to write clever quotations making use of the “egg” motif as creatively as we can.

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Here’s Jacob intently dying his egg

This year’s eggs have the following terrific quotes:

Two eggs, both alike in dignity.

My egg! My egg! My kingdom for an egg.

Some eggs can’t make it on their own. (U2)

It’s been a hard egg’s night. (Beatles)

Movie line
E-G-G egg (“You’ve Got Mail”)

Egg puns

Five star egg

Two eggs don’t make a right but three eggs make an omlette.

The last egg standing.

Egg-stra, egg-stra

Perennial favorite:
“Hey dude, where’s my egg?”

3 Responses to “My Kingdom for an Egg!”

  1. Julie Bogart says:

    “Two hatcheries, both alike in diginity.” (Shakespeare)

    “She’s all grown up and saving eggs.” (Mulan)

    “Pride and Pregg-udice.” (Austen)

    Etc…. Please post your favorites here. We always like new ones.

    For those needing a vegan alternative, here’s a link to some egg-less suggestions:

  2. Andrea Woolums says:

    I received an email from my uncle with these in it right after I received your blog update reminder. I thought some of these were quite cute. We are looking forward to adding this to our Easter egg dying tradition tonight. Thanks for the ideas. Our 21 year old and her boyfriend already have their creative juices flowing.

    Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket
    Walk softly and carry a big carrot
    Everyone needs a friend who is all ears
    There’s no such thing as too much candy
    All work and no play can make you a basket case
    A cute little tail attracts a lot of attention
    Everyone is entitled to a bad hare day
    Let happy thoughts multiply like rabbits
    Some body parts should be floppy
    Keep your paws off other people’s jellybeans
    Good things come in small sugar-coated packages
    The grass is always greener in someone else’s basket
    An Easter bonnet can tame even the wildest hare
    To show your true colors you have to come out of your shell

    Andrea Woolums

  3. Andrea Woolums says:

    Well, I guess they aren’t about eggs. But I thought they were cute and would work well too.

    Andrea Woolums