Tuesday Teatime: Caddy family

teatime caddy

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Hi Julie,

We’re new to Brave Writer this year—I attended the workshop you held in Grand Rapids last March (I’m the one who asked you if you happened to be a LLL Leader, since I recognized many familiar LLL ideas in your writing and speaking), and we’re slowly incorporating Brave Writer ideas into our life. We started having poetry teas last spring—finally a way to enjoy poetry together!

A friend of mine recently told me her 8 year old daughter was really interested in learning about poetry, but she didn’t know how to teach her. I sent her some information about Brave Writer and directed her to the website to read more, then we had a big poetry tea on Sept 5 with all six children. Each of the children read or recited a couple of poems and we all enjoyed tea together. Her daughter memorized several poems and also taught her 4 year old brother some poems he could recite on his own, and one that they did together. My 7 year old son drew a picture of a shark to illustrate his poem. Everyone learned how varied poems can be and we all had a wonderful time together. We have decided to make this a monthly event—all the kids look forward to it. Our next Poetry Tea is scheduled for this Friday, Oct. 3.

Thanks, Julie, for helping out our family.


P.S. I was a La Leche League leader for ten years. Some of my first published writing was for La Leche League as a matter of fact!

3 Responses to “Tuesday Teatime: Caddy family”

  1. Gina says:

    Ha! I thought I spotted some LLLisms as well. 7 and a half years of leadership here, too. 😉

  2. Mary in TX says:

    Hi Ann,
    Thanks for sharing the pictures and your tea time! I enjoyed seeing how it happens in your house. Sometimes I wait until the “perfect time”, and then our tea time never happens.
    My LLLLeaders days were in Austin from 1993-1998, but my nursing days just ended almost a year ago! (Different kid…ha, ha)