Friday Freewrite: Olympics

Pick an event. Write about it: if you were an Olympian, or about one of the events that you watched this week, or what event you’d like to add to the Olympics if you could…

2 Responses to “Friday Freewrite: Olympics”

  1. Hope says:

    from S this morning 😀

    *screams*! ZOMG! *screams again*! The gold wrestling medal shines brightest too! ZOMG! I trained, and trained, and trained….. and I got a medal….. *screams*! The guy almost nailed me, but, I was prepared, and I shook him off. While he was stunned, I tackled him, and, its kinda funny, a second before we hit the ground, he yelped, and, with a hard landing, met the floor…..
    The medal shines….. *screams*!! Now, I’m going to go to the pool to ….. oh…. Wait…. More training…… *groans*……

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