Back home!

Hi everyone.

We had a wonderful vacation in northern Michigan and are home exhausted. Returned to see the garage door left open! Jon’s golf clubs happily sitting in the middle of the garage, propped up for the taking… were still there. Nothing missing from the house either. Talk about a moment of horror! All I could think was: “I’m so glad we took our computers with us.”

Anyway, despite having taken our computers with us, I’m behind on email. If you’ve written me in the last few days, know that I will catch up and respond to your email today. If you have any questions about the fall schedule or our products, please ask here (in the comments) or feel free to email me.

It’s back to book writing and fall planning for me. I also fully intend to write real blog entries again starting tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Back home!”

  1. JoVE says:

    Fear of crime has been rising as actual crime levels have been going down. Nice to have a reminder that you actually do live in a safe neighbourhood.

  2. Merry says:

    Oh goodness, glad everything was ok, what a fright to come home to!

    Merry 🙂