Arrow Book List 2008-2009

Summer makes blogging so hard!

I want to play in the sun… or rather just sit in it and soak it up. I get in our backyard swing and slowly rock back and forth staring at the green, in a tank top, not even a bit cold, and my eyes glaze over and I forget that I have anything to do.

But I have lots to do and I’m doing those things whenever I wake up from the sunny daze. I’m working with a design team to redo the website, I’m still working on the book, we’re reformatting all the back issues of the Arrows, Boomerangs, and Slingshots, and I’ve finalized the book list for the 2008-2009 Arrows! (Below)

We don’t yet have the Boomerang book list finished. I promise to get that to you asap.

In the meantime, I hope you who are northern hemisphere types are finding the sunshine and getting in it. I hear a shortage of vitamin D has grave consequences!

Arrow Book List 2008-2009

Ida B (account of a homeschooler faced with going to school) Katherine Hannigan

Henry Huggins (famous adventures with equally famous dog, Ribsy) Beverly Cleary

Nim’s Island (a modern day Robinson Crusoe) Wendy Orr

On The Banks of Plum Creek (continuing the adventure of the Little House series) Laura Ingalls Wilder

Stuart Little (the mouse who becomes a member of the family) E. B. White

The Borrowers (the little people who use the left-over stuff in our houses) Mary Norton

Bud, not Buddy (a boy searches for his father in 1936) Christpoher Paul Curtis

Hoot (a middle school eco-warrior in Florida offers a memorable, comic adventure) Carl Hiaasen

Mary Poppins (the real story of the magical nanny) P. L. Travers (Odyssey edition)

Because of Winn-Dixie (a dog who teaches her owner a few things about life) Kate DiCamillo

3 Responses to “Arrow Book List 2008-2009”

  1. JoVE says:

    That looks like a great list. Too bad Tigger is more into the Boomerang discussion group. Though she’s read a lot of it already. Ida B was on her library book club list this year, I think.

  2. LolaFalola says:

    I was just wondering this morning if and when the new list would be out…it looks great…can’t wait to get started…although I’m sure the kiddos can w a it…they are enjoying our summer too much (is that is even possible?!)
    ~Lola (aka Motherhen)

  3. Annette says:

    JULIE- I love the Past Issues of the Arrow/Boomerang/Slingshot- With multi aged kids from grade school to High School we love to be able to pick and choose which issues to use each month. We take turns with age levels and interest level and I can see next year even participation levels will also be varied as the High Schoolers begin taking College courses Dual enrollment-

    Nevertheless- We will continue to stay corded together by our “Books”- I love that we can all be reading the same book that month and have something in common to discuss-

    PLEASE Never stop making the archived issues available- They are a GREAT tool for my family-

    Hope to get in on current issues this year!!!