Nurturing Brave Writers: Want one in your town?

Yes, I want to come to your town to share about Brave Writer. Yes, I’d love to meet you and your homeschooling friends. Thanks for wanting me!

I’ve received oodles of requests (even from New Zealand) for workshops in other places ever since the Grand Rapids event. As I shared before, I try not to schedule too many in a year because I’ve got kids like you do and like to be at their lacrosse games and saxophone concerts. However, we do have fewer of these kinds of commitments now than in past years. So I’m ready to travel, if your group/community wants to host me.

You’ll need to think about these requirements before contacting me:

  1. Can you book a location that will offer space for between 40-60 participants? (A rental fee is expected so it doesn’t have to be free.) The space needs to be in a location that is accessible to airports as well as ease of driving. It helps if the location is in a safe neighborhood. 🙂 The event is Friday evening and all-day Saturday.
  2. Do you have contact with homeschooling groups where you can advertise or promote the event? I have a 40 person registration minimum to make the trip worth my time and travel. We’ll certainly do our bit to promote the event through Brave Writer, but it helps tremendously if there is an already interested local community.
  3. Are you willing to be the point person for registrants to offer them information about hotels and eateries in the city where the event will be held?
  4. Do you have a date in mind? We can discuss this via email so that your ideas and my schedule can be coordinated.

That’s it! I’d love to talk further. I’m ready to get out of dodge and come meet the rest of you!

One Response to “Nurturing Brave Writers: Want one in your town?”

  1. Nancy says:

    Ok…I’d love to have you come to Ca. (I know, you were just here : ) let me do some info gathering, to see if it’s a possibility?!
    ps. your blog is one of my fav late night reads!