Good morning from California!

I know it’s almost not morning where I come from and that means it is definitely not morning in Germany, Thailand or Australia! 🙂 Hello everyone.

I spent Friday night at UCLA at an event that featured two authors whose work I admire and enjoy: Elizabeth Gilbert (author of the juggernaut best-seller Eat, Pray, Love) and Anne Lamott (author of my favorite all-time writing book Bird by Bird and two books on her faith journey called Traveling Mercies and Plan B). They shared the stage and asked each other questions while the audience of thousands of well-dressed, beautifully coiffed, nails-painted women laughed till they cried. My main purpose in attending this event (besides the obvious – I get to go to UCLA for a weekend all by myself – thing) was to soak in the presence of two authors whose writing styles match my own and who’ve been sources of inspiration and modeling that mean a lot to me.

In fact, I’m in the process of writing a book about home education (shhh, don’t tell) which I’m writing in that same genre: creative non-fiction. Creative non-fiction is the type of writing that features autobiography, but puts it into a novel-like format (or a collection of personal essays connected by theme). These two women are masters. And they are funny!

I’d love to share more, but I have to get on the road to my mother’s today. I hope to get more writing done for you this week on the blog once I’m there. The whole environment oozes inspiration and quiet – the right stuff for writing.

5 Responses to “Good morning from California!”

  1. Jenni says:

    Hurry up and write the book!!!!!!!

  2. JoVE says:

    That sounds lovely. And the book is something to anticipate.

    You asked a little while ago if there was anything we’d like you to write about. I was kind of enjoying that little series on high-school that you did. I’m not there yet, but it gave me a better sense of where I might be going. Today something happened around here that made me think your insights on girls, hormones, and all the emotional changes of puberty might be helpful. We seem to be entering this phase, and sometimes it just throws me.

  3. How amazing for you!!!!Both incredible women in the SAME room?!!.. I got to see Anne Lamott in Philadelphia last month( 2nd time in my life). Traveling Mercies was a life changing read and Eat, Pray, Love was almost equally as moving.
    ..and you are by yourself..

  4. Anna says:

    Can I bags my copy NOW?

  5. Tracy says:

    Too bad you couldn’t have come a couple of hours northeast and visited with us Brave Writers here in the desert. I’m sure you had much better weather heading this way then when we headed from here to Michigan last month! I also love Anne Lamott. I’ve read Traveling Mercies… I love that she’s “real.” I’m sure your book will be great once you finish it because you are “real” too. That’s one of the reason’s I like you and the Brave Writer lifestyle so much!