She called today.

Me: How was the first day of spring classes?

J: Good. I’m looking forward to today’s sociology class.

Me: What will you study?

J: The Salem Witch trials, child molestation, pornography and Satanists. So I’m really excited about it.

Well, who wouldn’t be?

Ahhhh. My little anthropological sociologist.

4 Responses to “Johannah”

  1. Cindy says:

    Love your new photo!

  2. JoVE says:

    All in one class? I could make a one semester course out of that without much trouble 🙂 Glad she is enjoying it.

  3. Julie Bogart says:

    LOL. I’m pretty sure she meant all quarter, not just in one hour!

    You’re funny.

  4. Michelle O says:

    Oh m’gosh!! So glad this is left for college professors. No tea time topics these. Anthropological socialogist?! Would she consider training to be a nun? Kidding of course…ah the college years…