Oratorical power

Whether or not you support Barack Obama as the next president, his speech on race relations yesterday, “A More Perfect Union,” will go down as one of the great speeches of our time, both rhetorically as well as for its content. Obama wrote this speech (no speech writers) over a two day period, ending somewhere after 2 a.m. the night before he delivered it. This is the first time a president or candidate for president has written his own speech since 1969 when Nixon gave his speech entitled: “The Silent Majority.”

As a piece of powerful writing, I offer it to you to read, enjoy and share with your children.

A More Perfect Union

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  1. Michelle O says:


    Thank you for sharing this. I would have missed this had you not brought it to my attention this week. What an awesome experience we had watching this and discussing this. Some of it we may even use as copy work and dictation. Inspiring and thoughtful and well presented!