Class Registration is OPEN! Use the links in this post:

Hi everyone.

Disaster struck at 11:35 this morning. The program I use to change webpages crashed. My husband’s computer is on the blink (which operates as my back up). We had no way to make the pages go live. So I am posting the links for class registration here:



Please feel free to pass these on to your friends. If you still have any trouble, you can always email your registration to me and I’ll help you settle tuition payment at that time.

Between strep throat and an unexpected business crisis, I’m feeling pretty awful this morning. 🙁 Please forgive this debacle. We’ll get the pages up to speed as soon as we can.

One Response to “Class Registration is OPEN! Use the links in this post:”

  1. Veronica says:

    I hope things go more smoothly for you. Hope you feel better, too!