Tuesday Teatime Features the Sunshine Fairy Readers

Brave Writer Mom, Kay Byrnes, sent me the following delightful photos and description of a book group her daughter hosts in their home: The Sunshine Fairy Readers. They made such a splash in their town, the Sunday paper wrote a feature article about them!Kay writes:

Hi Julie

Anna’s Book club “Sunshine Fairy Readers” was featured in the book section in the Lancaster Sunday News today. SWanted to share it with you….Anna was taking KWB with Rachal as she wrote a chapter of Rose and Her Wild Adventures last spring. Her first meeting was called The All Books Tea and they then renamed themselves “The Sunshine Fairy Readers”.

Anna facilitates the monthly meetings on her own. I think it is one of the main reasons they have continued to meet monthly since July. They have a blast talking about their books, laughing, snacking and crafting things and then cuddling with Copper, Anna’s rabbit. All in two hours!

Thanks for your continued support and great spirit.

Kay Byrnes

One Response to “Tuesday Teatime Features the Sunshine Fairy Readers”

  1. Julie Bogart says:

    May I just add in the comments here that those are the most gorgeous teatime treats I’ve seen on a table in a long time. Well done! Yummy. Makes me want to get baking! 🙂