Nurturing Brave Writers: March 7-8 (Grand Rapids MI)

Hurry! Time’s running out to sign up for the “Nurturing Brave Writers Workshop” in Grand Rapids. We’ve got moms flying in from out of state, driving in from neighboring states and popping in from neighborhoods in Grand Rapids. Join us!

The “Nurturing Brave Writers” interactive workshop is about reclaiming your confidence and charisma in the homeschool. Rather than allowing for writing to whip you or your kids, we’ll untangle your most challenging writing predicaments so that you become enthused about the possibilities rather than daunted by the challenges.

Brave Writer takes seriously the real dynamics in your homeschool, whether positive and cheery or gloomy and desperate. This workshop will not simply tell you what you should be doing that you’re not. Instead, it will plunge you into a process that empowers you to create that tailor-made process that will yield both great writing results and a happy trusting relationship with your kids at the same time.

I’ve worked as a professional writer and editor for the last fifteen years, I’ve homeschooled our five children for sixteen years, and I’ve taught writing to hundreds of homeschooling families. I’m a mom, a writer and a writing coach, rolled into one, able to give you the skinny on what actually works and what does not.

Don’t miss this chance to transform your homeschool through writing. We’ll have ample time to address your specific family situations and I’ll help you make a plan you can take back to your family once you are rested, equipped and re-energized.

The details of where and when for this workshop can be found here, on the Brave Writer website. The tuition is $39.99 for early-bird registration and $49.99 at the door.

The workshop is coming right up! Less than four weeks away! So act quickly if you want to attend. And forward this email to your friends, homeschool groups, bloggers in the MI area. I don’t get out to speak very often so this is a big deal. 🙂

Hope to see you there!


P.S. Registration is now open for the “Nurturing Brave Writers” two-day workshop in Grand Rapids, MI (March 7-8, 2008). Sign up right away.

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  1. Marcy says:

    Hi Julie,

    Is there any chance you’d do a workshop in the Nashville, TN area?