How to Build a Snowman in Ten Easy Steps

At the beginning of September we reviewed some ideas together in The Writer’s Jungle. You will see which one inspired this piece… (There’s a writing sample in The Writer’s Jungle called “How to Make a Peanut Butter Sandwich” on which this piece is based.) The other day, Kimberly was in the bathroom. She rarely goes into the bathroom without a book or at least something to do. I think she thinks she can spend an undefined amount of time on the potty, well, because after all, she can’t help that she has to go! Well, this time she had gone in without a book and yelled to her sister, “Hey, Nicole! Bring me a piece of paper and a pencil and a book to write on!” I was only vaguely aware of what was going on.

It was only another trip to the bathroom for my bookworm, so I didn’t take much notice. I didn’t see the result of that trip until a couple of days later when she showed me what she had jotted down. I laughed. I enjoyed seeing my daughter on the paper. I was reading silently, but hearing her voice saying what I was reading. I was impressed that she would do this on her own and is finding ways to enjoy writing. She then typed it up and added all the flourishes to her work on the computer. She knows more about the computer than just about anyone in our home! She put together some PowerPoint presentations last year that were great, some academically inclined and some just for fun. She has produced some really great pieces of writing since KWB and since I have been able to learn so much through you and BW.

I was the one panicked at the beginning of the year about schedules and covering material. Since your responses in so many different ways, the blog, ScratchPad, personal responses from you and others and the One Thinging High School and the One Thing Copywork and Dictation course, things around here have changed SOOOO much for the better. My kids are much happier, they are learning more for learning’s sake and we are having fun doing it together.

Thanks so much for your inspiration and thoughtful teaching.


How to Build a Snowman in
Ten Easy Steps
by Kimberly McGuire

1. Beg your mom to let you go outside when there is plenty of snow on the ground.

2. Put all your outdoor clothes on and then sulk and whine because your little brother has to come outside with you. (You know that he will want to help you build your snowman and that leads to…well…disaster.)

3. Go outside and start gathering lots of snow and form it into a big round ball. This will be the base of your masterpiece.

4. Throw snowballs at your brother to keep him from jumping on the base of your snowman. Also, threaten him that “I’ll tell Mom!”.

5. Gather more snow and form it into a slightly smaller ball than the base. (Do this while your little brother is tattling on you.)

6. Make the snowman’s head pretending to listen to your little brother telling you that Mom said to be nice and…blah…blah…blah…blah.

7. Be kind to your brother and let him help you. (Let him do all the scouting around for things-all the hard work.) Tell him he must find two pieces of coal, five round stones that are not big, two sticks, one large carrot and five more round stones.

8. Sit down and relax. Watch your brother, the slave, complete his mission.

9. Use the two pieces of coal for the snowman’s eyes, the five stones for his mouth, the two sticks for his arms, the carrot for his nose and the extra five stones for his buttons. Enjoy your snow sculpture (also known as a snowman)!

10. Never mind. Complain because your brother decided that your snowman looked ugly, and so he threw a fit and punched it until it toppled over!!!

5 Responses to “How to Build a Snowman in Ten Easy Steps”

  1. Renee says:

    This is wonderful. Her personality really shines through. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  2. Aunt Lisa says:

    Great job Kimberly! I love your directions. You have not only mastered the art of snowman building, but distracting your brother. Both are great skills! And I love your mischievous sense of humor. Keep up the good work!!

    By the way, which brother were you talking about? (Not little Sammy?) Mmm….

    Give everyone hugs for me. Big hugs, OK. — Lots of love, Aunt Lisa

  3. Joyce Yokell says:

    This is charming. I got such a kick out of it. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Dana says:

    I really enjoyed the snowman story. The humor was great. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Lyza says:

    All of my questions setetld-thanks!