Thankful for you!

This has been a busier week than I expected. My two oldest kids are home from college and we’re making the most of it. The weather has been an odd mix of warmish 60s all the way down to sub-freezing this morning which led to snow flurries. It’s currently sunny. Go figure.

Thanks to all of you for your comments, the way you share your lives here and at home with others, and all that you share with me via email. I love our Brave Writer community. I’m working hard to make it useful and meaningful for you too. (I’m spending time this weekend putting our back issues of the Arrow, Boomerang and Slingshot into the new format so I hope to make them available soon.)

I’ve updated both The Writer’s Jungle and Help for High School description pages on the website to make them richer in content.

I also wanted to mention that winter classes still have openings. Kidswrite Basic has openings in the second session (starts February 25); the first is closed.

One mom wrote a beautiful description of Kidswrite Basic that I wanted to share with all of you here:

Have you ever walked alone in a neighborhood, not your own, on a cold winter night with dusk approaching? As the lights brighten the insides of the houses and the smoke rises from the chimneys, your own cold, dark path deepens.
Homeschooling can be like that sometimes. Brave Writer is like a door in one of those cozy houses suddenly opening right in front of you. Kidswrite Basic is the friendly face that invites you in and settles you at the kitchen table with a cup of steaming tea.

As you enjoy the splendid warmth and inviting atmosphere, you don’t even notice your host slipping a bowl of soup onto the table in front of you. When you do notice it and observe that it is not your favorite kind of soup you take a small bite anyway, just to be polite.

Right away you realize that, actually, this is just the soup you wanted but would never make for yourself. Each small bite is not only palatable, but downright yummy. It is nourishing…satisfying.
So it is with Kidswrite Basic—a surprising mix of what you never knew you needed with the ‘how to’ of what you know you need but wouldn’t (or couldn’t) make for yourself. Our instructor did a beautiful job of welcoming us and distracting us with some non-writing activities to create communication and relationship.

The hearty work that followed was presented in ways and amounts that worked beautifully. This class really set a foundation for us that I believe will continue to nourish our writing experiences.

2 Responses to “Thankful for you!”

  1. Diane says:

    To whomever wrote this: What a wonderful analogue! I agree.

  2. Sister Choot says:

    Sweet comment.
    I hope you will check out my blog..