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Teatime BW
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I missed Tuesday for the teatime, but thought I’d post this one anyway since it occurred on a Sunday! As you can see, any day is fine for tea. This comes from Kay and Anna and represents a teatime they had in March.

Must be Tuesday but it really was Sunday Tea. Weather is warm in PA. (Be probably not as nice, pleasurable as SoCal– but feels good to us). We read Wally the Wordworm by Clifton Fadiman in honor of spring and made a list of new words. Our list included syzygy, sesquipedalian, chimera, centaur, eft, moa, (as in “The Moa is no moa.” The moa is an extenict bird.) Other words: ptarmigan, mellifluous, carbuncle, zanzibar, wherry, punctilios. It was great fun, oh, I mean pleasurable and joyous.

See as the word dwindle, dwindled away.

“If you add an L to word, you get world. And that’s what a new word is – a tiny new world, opening up new meanings, new feelings, new perspectives.” Cliton Fadiman

Kay and Anna

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