Nature walks

Sharon Woods
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Charlotte Mason recommends kids spend about six hours a day out doors. In high temperatures and humidity, it’s hard to get my kids to mow the lawn for a half hour let alone playing in the direct sun for six.

One way we get outdoors is to walk in the state parks of Ohio. We’re lucky in that these parks are not only gloriously green, they have lakes, play equipment and water apparatus, and loads of hiking trails. We invested in a second pair of binoculars in order to see birds, squirrels, foxes and “that pretty waterfall way over there.” (It’s worth it to purchase real binoculars like you might find in a camera store as they do see clearly and at a longer range than the kind you find in a toy store, for instance.)

Liam and I have taken early morning bird watching walks for the last several months, once per month. Going early in the morning means you’ll avoid runners and you’ll catch the birds in morning song.

Later in the day is nice for feeding ducks, hiking, seeing the light come through the leafy trees.

When we lived in California, I took the kids to the beach and tide pools. So if you have coastline available to you, load up the car and head west (or east). You may not be able to get your kids outside for six hours per day, but it’s not so difficult to get them into nature once per week, if you plan it. 🙂

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