The return of the Tuesday teatime!

Only this one happened on a Friday…
Dear Julie,

On Friday we spent a wonderful hour and a half delighting in poetry, Shakespeare and each other at our teatime. Thank you for encouraging us to do this!

Blessings, Linda

Recipe for a Friday Teatime


  • Pot of hot tea
  • Cookies
  • Fresh fruit
  • Colorful flowers
  • Three happy children
  • Set the table with your favorite teacups and place treats on heart shaped platters.
  • Have Bach playing in the background.
  • Sip hot tea and read aloud from a vintage book of children’s poetry.
  • Let out loud guffaws at the dog and cat who ate each other up and sigh contentedly when the Owl and the Pussycat dance by the light of the moon.
  • Munch on cookies while you read Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew.
  • Be amazed at the timeless character lessons buried in this classic treasure.
  • Pass around more fruit and delight in your son’s comment, “Mom, can we have a teatime every day? No? Then how about every week? We’ll have some music, cookies, tea, a little bit of poetry and a little bit of Shakespeare.”
  • Grin back at him and nod.
  • Serves as many as will come, until they are filled to overflowing.

3 Responses to “The return of the Tuesday teatime!”

  1. Julie Bogart says:

    Send me your photos and stories! We need more to post so we can inspire other families to join in the Teatime Take-over! Winning hearts and minds of children into the Brave Writer lifestyle through shameless offerings of cookies, tea and poetry.

    Use julie [at] bravewriter [dot] com.

  2. Wow, this sounds right up my alley! Children, cookies, tea, and poetry~it doesn’t get much better than that.

    Are you serving great tea? Be sure to check out my article on my website, “A Tea Party’s Most Important Ingredient.” I just wrote yesterday about my five-year old’s love of real tea.

  3. Linda says:

    Julie, thank you for including our family’s teatime on your blog. We look forward to making more precious memories with a pot o’ tea!