Teatime: My inner Brit

My inner Brit

While picking through a garage sale, I found this lovely ceramic pot and set of four mugs for only $3.00. I love the way the ceramic holds the heat and the smooth surface of the handle in my palm. Each morning, I pour a mug of tea to soothe myself and prepare for the day. Typically I check email, read a few blogs, listen to the radio and peer out my window at the birds at our feeders. The house is quiet which is a nice change from the constant cacophony of sounds that fills it the rest of the day.

Today’s blog post is a reminder to you to take time for tea. No need to set the table or find the right poetry books. No need to share your pot with anyone else. Find a private moment to sip, to observe, to take in a little written inspiration, to pause and enjoy the flavor of the hot brew on a cold day. Do it before the day gets away from you.

Then return here and tell us about it. Time for tea… for you.

6 Responses to “Teatime: My inner Brit”

  1. julia says:

    Glad you’ve found your inner Brit! I wouldn’t be surprised if your lovely new tea set hails from the same area as I do – Stoke-on-Trent, in Staffordshire. We like our crocks in The Potteries.

  2. laura-ann says:

    As many things as I have to do in a day my morning cup of tea (sometimes coffee… i have a coffee maker that makes just one cup) is my time. My daughter knows not to bug mommy while she is having her cup.

    During the day I always stop for another one, if only for 5 minutes, to re-group.

    I have not tried the pottery type of tea pot (I collect china ones) but I will have to try to find one. Finding them is the best… Great storeies to go with them. I have tea pots from my Grandmothers, garage sales, and a special one from a lady I never met (my favorite)

    The story on the tea pot from the lady is: I was moving into an appartment and met the daughter of the older woman who had just pasted away… I she discovered like her mother I loved tea… when I moved in the next day I discovered a beautiful english tea set and a note to enjoy them often as her mother did…it is still one of my favorite sets….

    It is a reminder to me that it is the little things we do for others can have a very large impact on people.

    Enjoy your tea pot, your time, and most of all your memories.

  3. Julie Bogart says:

    You’re so right about stories going with teapots. That’s one of the appealing things about tea, isn’t it?

  4. Anne says:

    Thanks for these tea cup stories. Here is mine.

    A friend from Michigan gave me a lovely and unusual deep gold tea cup and saucer with a purple violet on them when I moved to Oregon. The next time I visited her I noticed that she had a tea pot and cup and saucer from the same set.

    She told me she had given a cup and saucer to three friends in faraway places so that we could all have a tea party with her even though we weren’t together. I think of that each time I use the cup.


  5. Julie Bogart says:

    What an utterly delightful story! It makes me want to do that for my long-distance friends. Might be worth its own blog post – to remind us to treasure one another through a concrete gesture.