Cranium Games

Cranium Zookeeper
The Cranium games are great for kids! They bill themselves as “whole brain” games. We own Cranium, Cranium Cadoo and this year’s Christmas addition (featured above) Cranium Zooreka.

What I like about the Cranium games is that they give natural opportunities to coordinate some of our most cherished aims on Brave Writer. There are chances to narrate, to spell, to problem-solve, to work as a team, to answer logic questions and more.

Zooreka is especially fun if you have kids who love animals (we do). It gives kids a chance to make decisions involving probability, saving and spending, and working with others.

One Response to “Cranium Games”

  1. Lisa says:

    At your recommendation I purchased “Zooreka” — thank you! BOTH my kiddos love this game! They have asked to play it every day since we first played it.