Birding with Liam

It felt so good to get out in the drizzle and to discover color in spite of a grey sky. Liam (12) and I took his new binoculars out for a walk on Saturday morning. Early. We love birding together.

Here’s our list of birds we spotted:

Red Tailed Hawk (in flight!)
2 nuthatches
dozens of sparrows
1 titmouse
7 cardinals
5 chickadees
10 male mallards
1 morning dove
4 robins
a flock of Canada geese overhead in a V
1 goose who took off into flight right in front of us!
3 downy woodpeckers

AND 1 unidentified bird that hitched its way up a tree trunk and disappeared into a little hole in the tree right before my very eyes! I am going to try to find that one in my birding book.

We had a glorious time! I’ve got wet jeans up to my ankles but a warm heart. Liam and I must have exchanged a dozen hugs; he was quick to ask if we could do this every Sat. I’m inclined to say yes!

Nature walking: good for the soul.

5 Responses to “Birding with Liam”

  1. Jennifer Hansen says:

    Did you find the name of the little bird that hitched its way up the tree? It might have been either a nuthatch or some variety of woodpecker or flicker. When I’m sitting in my treestand I often see these tree-climbing birds. I have also been privileged to see a Red-tailed hawk swoop through the forest in search of breakfast. I wish you and Liam could have seen how all the squirrels reacted! Happy “hunting”!
    Jennifer Hansen

  2. Julie Bogart says:

    Not a flicker. It definitely wasn’t a nuthatch or a woodpecker.

    I just went online to find what birds were typical in Cincinnati that I may not have known and guess what? I found the bird!! It was a brown creeper. Look at this nice photo:

    I’m so happy. Thanks for helping me discover him.

  3. Jennifer Hansen says:

    WOW! I will keep my eyes open the next time I’m in the woods in case these fellows are native to the Columbus area. It looks like he is an insect eater by the evidence in his beak (maybe a carpenter ant?). It’s amazing what you see when you sit still in the woods for at least 15 minutes. What fun!

  4. Julie Bogart says:

    It really is! I am so glad you prodded me to go looking further. I had never even heard of the creeper. I hope I IDed him right. I will be looking for him again. 🙂 Let me know if you spot one!

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