Three Things Kids Need from Their Parents

3 things kids need from their parents

I know, I know. I usually obsess about just “one thing.”

But today, I get to share three things.

Johannah, 17 year old daughter, is studying psychology in high school and daily regales us with useful information about relationships and brain chemistry. So the other day, she bounds into the kitchen and demands: “What do you think the three things are that kids need from parents?”



A really cute fall wardrobe?

Here are the big three:

  1. Time (as in time spent with the child)
  2. Consistency (as in providing a base that child can count on)
  3. Enthusiasm (as in “Woo-hoo – great idea, do that! I’m your fan.”)

I grabbed the nearest kitchen towel and wiped the sweat pouring off my face. Phew. Passed that test… mostly.

In our house, I’ve been pretty good with time and enthusiasm. Consistency… well, let’s just say I’m not consistently consistent. 🙂

We’ve tried different models of education, we’ve had a big cross-country move right in the middle of our older kids’ childhoods, Jon has changed jobs a couple of times, and there’s the ebb and flow of beliefs and habits and lifestyles.

Yet, even in the midst of these external and internal changes, I did find some deeper consistencies.

Learning matters

Home is a safe place to be who you are

Nature and art nurture our souls

Good literature enriches life

Trust is important

Loving relationships are worth tending to

Children’s opinions and points of view count

People before things

Experiences before material acquisitions

Adapting to change is easier when with people you love

I would even be so bold as to say that Brave Writer embodies these three principles as I thought about it. I’ll post those ideas in another blog post.


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