Coming Attractions

Lots in the works for fall around here. I’m sorry the blog is lagging behind. I let Easter have its way with our family and left the blog for the weekend (which included yesterday). Sent off our taxes at 11:59 last night (we try to get things done ahead) and now we are in big time planning mode for fall.

A couple of possibilities brewing.

First, most excellent husband Jon is coming home to work fulltime on his business and mine. That means he will teach even more of your children (teens) how to read literature and write about it. One of the courses he’s considering will make the moms drool as much as the kids. Can’t spill the beans yet. Basically, though, you can expect the Slingshot and Companion to continue with an added monthly literature/writing subscription that will be tailored to juniors and seniors in high school.

We are adding new staff and hope to offer many more Kidswrite Basic courses to meet demand.

All back issues of the Arrow and Slingshot will be available (that means four years of back issues for Arrow and three for Slingshot) for digital download.

I am producing a book (that will be a digital download) that will give you all the literary elements from the Arrows in one place (including writing exercises that go with them). Should be available some time in fall.

Biggest news

We are putting out a second edition of The Writer’s Jungle. I am adding a long preface with new information about BW, as well as including some writing exercises and practices that are not in the WJ but that are a part of the BW lifestyle.

As a result, we will be offering the current edition of the WJ for a reduced rate to clear out our current stock. Details within the week.

So hope these tantalize you!


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