Driver’s Seat

On the Brave Writer Lifestyle List, I suggest putting your kids in the driver’s seat at least once a week (rotate kids if you have more than two, obviously, as if I need to tell you that).

Driver’s Seat Benefits:

You get to learn something new that’s hard for you to do!

Kids find out how well they can teach you.

You discover how challenging all those “seemingly innocuous computer games” really are!

Kids develop vocabulary and organizational skills related to instructions and sharing what they love.

You find out how smart your little someones are.

Kids find out how much you are willing to grow and learn.

You spend time with your child that is the best kind of time – focused attention on something he or she loves to do.

Kids spend quality time with you – focused attention where they share what they love with you.

Here’s are some of the things I’ve learned from my kids:

–How to play games at (Caitrin – 9)
–How to catch and throw using a lacrosse stick (Liam – 11)
–How to crop and clean up digital photos in iPhoto (Jacob – 14)
–How to research colleges online (Johannah – 16)
–Why Dream Theater (band) is so musically gifted (Noah – 18)

I’m opening comments. What have your kids taught you lately?

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