Tuesday Teatime: Reading at Breakfast

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Dear Julie,

I decided to share this Tea Time after reading some of the more recent stories. We haven’t made Tea Time a weekly event, but we’re getting closer.

Our Tea Time was actually breakfast time. I’ve been reading out loud to kids while they eat breakfast for some time, but decided to make this time a little different. I had already had my breakfast, but the kids were eating. Skylar,12, was having cereal and Bell, 7, was having chestnuts. Our table is always cluttered and covered with the flotsam and jetsam of our days so I had to clear a space for myself and my armload of books.

I started with a little book talk about several great books I pulled from various book shelves around the house. We have so many books and I know my kids just don’t take the time to see what’s there. I wanted to tempt them to browse our own shelves more. They were both pretty surprised at the great books right under their noses. I think I’ll challenge them to find books they never knew we had or long forgotten favorites for our next Tea Time.

I had picked out several Robert Lewis Stevenson poems to read aloud. I choose him because I knew his work would be easily loved by the kids and it was. The Wind was a favorite of everyone. We taledk for a bit about the rhythm of the poems and how RLS was so good at capturing a child’s sense of the world.

Finally we read from our latest read aloud. We had such a great time. We spent the better part of the morning sitting around the kitchen table reading, talking, listening. Good stuff.

Brave Mom of two!

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