Teatime tips

Tea and sconesImage by Jeremy Keith

Some fresh advice for your teatimes:

  1. Get out of the house. Head to the local coffee house and let them make a special drink for you and hot chocolate for the kids.
  2. Invite another family to your house and have teatime together. Pick a theme and divide up the goodies to share.
  3. Buy a new poetry book and unveil it at your next teatime.
  4. Buy new pens and pretty paper. Use them to copy poems during teatime.
  5. Let the kids prepare the teatime without your help. They select drinks, foods, poems and table decor while you take a shower. 🙂
  6. Weather permitting, move teatime outdoors with a fire in the backyard. Drink hot chocolate from a thermos and toast marshmallows. Then come inside and write poems.
  7. Have teatime at night or whenever the whole family is present. Make place cards. Dress up.

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