Today’s writing exercise is…

Find three words in the dictionary that you’ve never heard before or don’t know the meaning of. Say them aloud several times and read the definitions. Use them in sentences. Say silly things to each other.

Put them on index cards with the word on one side and the definition (pick the shortest, most common definition) on the back (in case you forget what the word means). You can even put the part of speech.

Then spend the next several hours/days thinking of ways to combine these words with experiences, objets d’art, pictures and household furniture like the toilet.

You can stick these words on those items directly with duct tape. Or you can jot down the resulting sentence fragments on napkins and use them at dinner. Or you can start a blog and share your brilliance with the Internet world of word-peeping toms.

Just play with words, like toys, that you can blast or smash or cuddle.

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