Not as Graceful as She Should Be

Today’s featured poem is by Clair Gunther, age 8, winner of the 8-9 bracket.

She stompled out across the stage,
Like an elephant in a full-blown rage.
She floundered trying to keep time,
Like a shark’s long teeth, in a zig-zag line.

She arabesqued and teetered slightly,
As wild as Hawk Moths flying nightly.
A trip, a toss, she finally spun,
Shuffling with a penguin’s run.

I enjoyed Clair’s poem because it pulsates with wonderful action words like “stomple” (reminds me of Kipling), “floundered,” “arabesqued,” “teetered,” and “shuffling.” The riot of animal movements characterizing her subject add excitement to the poem’s premise: that this character is not very graceful.

Wonderful job! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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