Photo Challenge!

Nature: Photo Challenge
The Challenge

Take the following pictures over the next two weeks. Develop them and then create a mini book or add to your nature journal including captions.

  1. A picture of you and water (can be rain, a creek, a puddle, the hose… be imaginative)
  2. A new bud on a tree
  3. A blossom
  4. An animal (can be a bird, squirrel, fox or your dog!)
  5. A spring sky
  6. An early morning photo of your house
  7. A dusk/sunset photo of your house
  8. A picture of you gardening

You can add to the list! Now go get those cameras and start shooting. 🙂


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One Response to “Photo Challenge!”

  1. Christine says:

    Hi Julie,
    It is funny, but I was just working with an idea like this. My husband sowed wildflowers on part of our farm. We have had fun trying to identify them. I thought I would take some digital pictures of them. My 10 yo has discovered how to make a scrapbook on the computer with his digital pictures (now I need him to teach me!). So I thought I could have him create a scrapbook with our flowers and the names of them. We haven’t done nature journaling yet.