Can you tell me a bit about yourself?
I’m Julie Bogart. I’ve homeschooled five children for fifteen years as of 2007-08. My oldest two are in college, my third is a fulltime sophomore at the local high school and I homeschool the youngest two. I love homeschooling! I’m also a professional writer and editor. I’ve worked in the fields of book editing, ghost-writing, magazine editing and magazine article writing. I also partnered with my husband to edit D-Min dissertations way back when. I’m also a weekly columnist for United Press International.

In May 2007, I graduated with a Master’s degree in theology which gave me four years of opportunity to write papers and earn grades.
If you’d like a more detailed bio, you can read about me on the Brave Writer website: About Julie

How did Brave Writer get started?
A full explanation of the origins of Brave Writer can be found here.

How do I read the complete article when I click on the archive category and see only the shortened versions?
Simply click on the title of the specific archived article that you want to read and it will open in a new page.

May I use portions of your blog for our homeschooling newsletter?
Yes, please do. Just be sure to give credit and to include the website address: http://www.bravewriter.com. I’d also appreciate you sending me a copy or letting me know via email.

Can you help me get published?
Nope. I’m not in the publishing business. You can, however, find a copy of The Writer’s Market in your local library and look for writing venues that would go with your particular genre interest.

What have you written most recently?
Lots of graduate school papers and the weekly column at United Press International. I’m also a contributor to the book Get Up Off You Knees: Preaching the U2 Catalog. You can find it here: Get Up Off Your Knees.