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Home education is not about having it all figured out but rather about the process of discovery along the way.

Have you ever doubted your ability to teach any of the subjects to your kids? I felt that way about math. In fact, I felt like I was learning the subject as I was teaching it. (Psst: that’s allowed!!)

When I designed the Brave Writer® program, I kept in mind that the average educated adult didn’t remember anything about grammar. I was aware that most full grown adults with high school and college degrees couldn’t remember the rule for using a semicolon. I also understood that most native speakers have a pretty good sense of syntax—how to speak intelligibly with clear meaning and good grammar.

With this in mind, I asked myself a question: “What would it take for children and parents to learn grammar concepts, so that they stick and support powerful communication?”

Living Literature

That’s how I began our literature and grammar programs. I realized everyone needed to see spelling, punctuation, and grammar concepts in quality writing. So we use living literature to highlight how authors use language to pack a punch.

Then we created games and activities that help children not only explore those concepts, but play with them and master them. Once a child understands what a powerful verb is, that child can use powerful verbs in their own writing. They can’t get there if your focus is on filling out a worksheet. They need you to understand the role of a powerful verb in quality writing too.

Enter Brave Writer’s:

We cover it all! It counts and does the job for both you and your kids.

It’s okay not to know enough yet. We’ll help you get there!

Brave Writer

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